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Benefits your child will receive from taking Piano Lessons

Back in the 1890's through the 1950's, the PIANO, the VICTOR VICTROLA, the PHONOGRAPH RECORD and the RADIO were the Entertainment Centers of every home here in America.

There were no TV's, no Nintendo's, Computer games, Weii machines, etc. Families turned to live music in the home to entertain themselves.

People actually learned how to play the piano and sing around the piano. It was a family affair. Young people took piano lessons as part of their Education and Personal Enrichment.

Here we are in 2009 - and we need as a nation to get back to the basics. When your kids grow up they will need to have skills that will last them the rest of their life. Consider the list that I have compiled below.

"Taking Piano Lessons does MORE than just teach MUSIC....."

Confidence - your child will be able to play with ease and confidence and be envied by their peers

Concentration - controlled studies have proven that children who take Piano Lessons
are able to accele…

"I am not sure my kids will stick with it..."

I hear parents who call me for the first time say this all the time.  Taking private music lessons is a COMMITMENT on behalf of the PARENTS first, then the child(ren).  I always say to a parent, "....your child will NOT be any more committed than you are."

It's very true.  I always recommend parents do as my dad did with 5 children...he made a one year commitment with each one of us, that IF we PRACTICED and PREPARED for our lessons for a minimum of one year, he would rent or or buy us whatever instrument we wanted.  Three of my brothers went on to play the trumpet in school bands and my sister stayed with the piano for 6 years.
All of my siblings can read music and can sing in church choirs and as a result of that one year background they each have a confidence level and understanding of music and the fine arts that they otherwise would not have.
So a commitment talk is imperative if a child is going to take the process of lessons serious.    Through taking piano lesson…

It's Never Too Late to Start

It really does not matter how old a person is, I have successfully taught 4 year olds and 60+ to play the piano and every age in between.

Some folks grew up where their parents could not afford lessons or even a piano.  Now you can enjoy playing music today!  Usually when adults decide to muster up the courage to have their first lesson and they realize it's not that hard to learn how to play, they fall in love with making music and playing the piano.
So what are you waiting for?  Call today and find out how easy it is to start and fulfill your life's dream....playing the piano for your own enjoyment.
If you need help buying a piano or keyboard, we offer free advice to anyone who calls.
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Parents.....what happened to the good old fashioned days.....

When parents were in charge and they made the decisions - not the kids.
I am amazed how many parents allow the kids to be in charge today and make decisions. Being the eldest of 5 kids, raised on the East Coast, and now with over 30 years teaching experience under my belt, I am disappointed when I run into  a teaching situation where I have to terminate the relationship - because the parents are not in charge.  I love teaching kids but if the parents are not on the same page as myself, it is time to move on.
Humorously I have often said that if children were left up to their devices, they would eat chocolate bomboms, watch TV and play computer games.  Where was the turning point in our society where parents became more worried about being a child's 'friend' rather than be their parent.
I am grateful that the wonderful parents who employ me , some for as many as 8 years consecutive and each family has gone through several funnels to get me to stay as their teacher.   Anyone ca…