Saturday, November 7, 2009

Find a Teacher Today Directory

Up until a few months ago, anyone could look on the website of the Capo School District and find a Private Music Teacher in South County. No more. Now some foundation has taken over this tasks and is actually charging a fee to these private music teachers, which I disagree with.

So due to popular request, here is a copy of that list. Pass this on to all your friends.

Art Scott

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ps - if you wish to be added to this list free of charge of update you information, or if your new, it's all good and I will take care of posting this from here out, again, for free to our fellow teachers who need our support. When you call a teacher from this list let them know you saw it at

Private Music Teacher List – 2008-09)

At the request of parents, the Music Department provides this list of individuals who offer music tutoring. Please recognize that CUSD makes no recommendations, representations or endorsements and does not exercise any type of screening with regard to any individual on this list. CUSD provides this list as a service to parents and it is up to each family to determine which, if any individual on this list is suited to tutor their child. Information provided herein is not necessarily complete and may be revised at any time.

Instrument Phone # Area
Christine Allen 589-5612 CDC
Randy Gravett 495-3754 LN
Matt Hare 319.321-2277 SC
Joan Lunde 587-0065 LH
Marilyn Mayland 645-3599 NB
Robert Messinger 496-8417 DP

William Hunker 425-1279 MV
Keith Bishop 487-0738 CB
Jeff LaMarca 888-1758 RSM
Michelle See-McKenzie 562.500-0054 LF

Greg Adamson 714.441-1339 FULLERTON
Vicki Bacon 714.894-0081 WESTM.
Charles Baker 714.871-4624 FULLERTON
Pat Bastis 661-5383 LN
Ellen Bork 786-8255 IRV
Karen Deaner 636-9763 SC
Natalia Dyakonov 714.990-3869 BREA
Erin Esses 500-5260 MV
Patricia Hicks 714.538-7829 ORANGE
Shelley Johnson 888-0313 RSM
Gloria Lui 714 928-2228 FV
Alan Mautner 714.527-0814 BP
Ian McKinnel 714.524-3215 PLACENTIA
Naoko Maruko 362-2465 AV
Joan Thomassen 646-5194 NB
Steve Velez 723-0838 NB

Joe Aiello 496-8844 SJC
Joe Baffa 496-4857 SJC
Scott Dash 842-7387
Mike Mekata 582-1632 MV
Robert Messinger 496-8417 DP
Wayne Mestas 433-0987 MV
Dan Morse 714.730-0573 IRVINE
Nancy Peterson 586-6420 LF
Ira Raibom 493-7209 SJC
Rob Stirling 760 213-2603 TRAVEL
Frank Tretter 714.534-6228 GG
James Zimmermann 281-7507 AV

Flute Phone # Area
Kerri Arakawa 275-2461 LR
Mary Bestgen 443-5283 DP
Keith Bishop 487-0738 CB
Norm Douglas(Bobovnick) 362-8834 LN
Jane Carter 582-2256 LN
Susan Gumpert 589-8699 RSM
Althea Holdcroft 770-6833 LF
Julie Macy 855-4889 LN
Amy MacLean 635-9605 LF
Scott Martin 581-7177 MV
Robert Messinger 496-8417 DP
Wayne Mestas 433-0987 MV
Ira Raibom 493-7209 SJC
Janet Seymour 218-4775 SJC
Kazuko Stratmann 635-6887 RSM
Mary Ellen Trefry 714.779-6438 YL
Mike Whittman 643-2333 LN
Betty Jo Whyte 858-7644 RSM
Cynthia Wood 586-7739 AV
David Zapotocky 322-0820 TRAVEL

French Horn
Lisa Cherry 770-7533 LF
Rob Grishkoff 654-3945 LF
Ray Lowery 830-9810 LF
Jacquelyn Sellers 215-0684 AV

Ben Camp 582-2256 LN
Mike Ellerby 493-5108 DP
Ralph D’Ignazio 838-6272
Micah Grant 582-2256 LN
Nate Smith 330-3635 MV
Bob Thackara 422-9871 LB

Price Kent 733-9331 SJC
Ann Ludwig 248-9223 SJC
Diane Manaster 653-1643 IRVINE
Scott Reese 562 595-7001 TRAVEL

Craig Berkson 218-6321 LR
Frank Cotinola 230-9643 LF/TRAVEL
Johnny Byrne 909.519-6240 SA
Mike Ellerby 493-5108 DP
Rob Ferrell 533-1687 MV
Dave Hall 582-2256 LN
Kurt Hamernik 457-4201 LF/LN
Burt Shur 347-0100 MV

Donna Beccia 305-8868 MV
Craig Berkson 218-6321 LR
Rhonda Bradley 487-2355 DP
Debra Brener 589-5559 CDC
Kathy Buck 493-3617 SJ
Maxine Caspers 448-0720 DP
Carole Champ 951-6095 MV
Larry Diehm 581-2110 LH
Cecilia Gross 495-8214 LN

Piano Cont. Phone # Area
Vicki Hurst 498-1584 SC
Maria Lake 495-8385 LN
Jesse Levesque 460-9339 AV
Nancy Lowery 830-9810 LF
Angela MacFarlan 661-3629 SJC
Patricia McNeil 714.492-0845 SC
Narcisa Mikov 310.528-8237 RSM
Alysia Murray 497-3811 LB
Teddy Newsom 489-3435 MV/LN
Nancy Pirozzi 364-1412 MV
Lois Roberts 366-1729 SC
Nancy Rohr 492-6350 SC
Julia Roud 584-4681 MV/TRAVEL
Art Scott 454-1221 TRAVEL
Justin Wong 981-5277 IRVINE
Cynthia Wood 586-7739 AV

Joe Aiello 496-8844 SJC
Joe Baffa 496-4857 SJC
Keith Bishop 487-0738 CB
Norm Douglas(Bobovnik) 362-8834 LH
Jason Francisco 714.743-5002 LB
William Gutaskus 714.293-4142 TRAVEL
Scott Martin 581-7177 MV
Mike Mekata 582-1632 MV
Wayne Mestas 433-0987 MV
Richard Mora 213.300-8140 TRAVEL
Dan Morse 714.730-0573 TRAVEL
Nancy Peterson 586-6420 LF
Ira Raibom 493-7209 SJC
Rob Stirling 760 2132603 TRAVEL
Mike Whittman 643-2333 LN
Betty Jo Whyte 858-7644 RSM
David Zapotocky 322-0820 TRAVEL
James Zimmermann 281-7507 AV

Joe Aiello 496-8844 SJC
Pete Fournier 714.968-7931 CM
Michael Hoffman 855-9311 MV
Ray Lowery 830-9810 LF
Michael McGuire 916-2272 MV
Chris Popperwell 257-8896 CB
Tom Shearer 589-7263 RSM

Joe Baffa 496-4857 SJC
Michael Bartley 714.310-8678 TRAVEL
Chad Cunningham 218-4546 LR
Marie-France Downer 443-0147 CB
Joe Ferruzzo 412-9221 SJC
Ann Franek 397-8262 LH
Tim Hall 582-2256 LN
Ray Lowery 830-9810 LF
Henry Miller 380-0255 LF
Jeremy White 209.679-3459 TRAVEL

Michael Hoffman 855-9311 MV
Henry Miller 380-0255 LF
Michael McGuire 916-2272 MV
Chris Popperwell 257-8896 CB
Samuel Smith 498-2783 SC
Glen Stewart 499-4781

Christy Alesi 770-1341 MV
Cathy Alonzo 275-0182 MV
Wayne Davis 770-8299 TRAVEL
Mari Haig 248-5727 SJC
Johanna Kroezen 714.856-6437 IRVINE
Karen Lak 360-1028 LN
Jessica Lynch 412-0746 LB

Cathy Alonzo 275-0182 MV
Yang Li Bartolotti 481-8185 DP
Daniel Blank 493-1245 SJC
Lonie Bosserman 714.998-0789 SA
Mary Culici 830-7794 LH
Jonathan Dysart 714.280-1931 TU
Nancy Davis 837-8542 MV
Wayne Davis 770-8299 TRAVEL
Alan Ellsworth 499-6011 LB
Christine Flowers 495-6396 LN
Franklin Foster 361-9504 TRAVEL
Dianna Gray 249-0198 LN
Valerie Geller 916-8861 LH
Sonja Hammad 470-4775 LH
Mari Haig 361-3020 SJC
Carmen Hensley 661-0276 CB
Adriana Hernandez 257-6469 SJC
Heiling Jung 582-2256 LN
Karen Lak 360-1028 LN
Jesse Levesque 460-9339 AV
Jessica Lynch 412-0746 LB
Paul Manaster 653-1643 IRVINE
Michelle Wright 857-8566 IRVINE
Kathy Person 661-1902 DP
Georgette Popa 854-0130 IRVINE
Lisa Schmalle 481-9190 SC
Alex Shipitsyn 888-3587 RSM
Evangeline Tran Elder 903-4347 TRAVEL
Sandra Wood 489-3569 SJC

Carole Champ 951-6095 MV
Heather Hadfield 274-2602 AV
Jason Harney 714.875-8337 AV
Jesse Levesque 460-9339 AV
Linda Rose Linnebach 837-6642 LF
Kathy Loh 498-0169 SC
Dan Morse 714.730-0573 IRVINE
Eileen O’Hern 362-4511 AV
Maria Simeone 916-7639 FR
Lan Song 276-7562 LR
Tiffany Tarleton 690-1566 TRAVEL

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Selecting the Right Teacher is Crucial

I often tell parents that selecting the right teacher is so important. Over thirty years of teaching private piano lessons I have learned the following things to be true;

-Every good parent wants to have their children learn from teachers who are good educators; dedicated people who know how to teach many different types of students.

-If the relationship is a positive one, it should last for years which will allow any good qualified teacher to transfer their knowledge effectively at an appropriate rate so students are challenged, encouraged, monitored and well supported towards an ongoing greater success at the piano.

-Proper LEARNING should NEVER be a guessing game; a good teacher should be able to convey their subject area so clearly that a student will know exactly what is required in each lesson.

-Good parents will always set the stage to RESPECT TEACHERS and their children should be taught to be compliant to a teacher's request.

-Always ask a prospective teacher to play for you and your children; this establishes credibility and trust from the very first lesson.

I am always happy to dialogue with parents and answer all your questions. Art Scott (949) 454-1221  For more information, see another of my 50 websites and videos:
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Tribute to my Two Special Piano Teachers....

Back in 1961, I had my first piano lesson. I remember how excited i was; I remember flinging the front door open to meet Mrs. Johnson. Little did I realize the impact this wonderful teacher would have on my young life. My first exposure to the joy of the piano was from a neighbor across the street.

These neighbors has an upright piano and I used to listen to a lady who lived their play on her old upright piano Broadway show tunes. Since they were renters at some point they moved and I remember distinctly crying my eyes out thinking music was leaving my life forever. I ironically another set of neighbors were re tiling their basement and offered to give us this beat up old baby grand piano.

My dad sunk a lot of money into fixing this piano up, new hammers, new strings, even new key tops. Unfortunately the piano had a cracked pin block so all that money was spent in vain but the piano lasted a few years and I was on cloud nine. I think lessons back then cost a huge 50 cents. Hard to believe that lessons now cost $35.

My relationship with Mrs. Johnson lasted around eight years. Typical of most teenagers, it was a struggle to keep my interest at the piano and into practicing. i finally wore my mom down around the time when I was 16 years old and she finally relented and called Mrs. Johnson to terminate the lessons. Mrs. Johnson told my mom to tell "Artie" that he should be a piano teacher.

From that point on my life did have a sense of direction. I thank God for Mrs. Johnson and her affirmation that ended up being my profession of thirty years. We often never know the influence we have on others as teachers.

I picked up three adult students at my home church in MD.

When I was 21 I finally started college and thanks for that affirmation at age 16, I had an insatiable drive and desire to teach piano. in fact, I taught piano all four years in college and was able to fund my entire education with a little bit of scholarship money and from my piano students.

I graduated in 1980 with a degree in Music Education from Liberty University, a private school in VA. My teacher was Mr. David Ehrman, who was a graduate of Cincinnati Music Conservatory. Mr. Ehrman was and is an incredible friend, teacher, performer and confidant. Over many years now he has been a dear mentor and helped me on an ongoing basis resolve many teaching issues with students. In addition to being an inspirational teacher and performer, Mr. Ehrman has a hilarious sense of humor which he uses as a lubricant when working his students to the bone.

Today my profession has enabled to help so many students and families and the joy of music is still spreading.

Joy in your journey today! Art Scott

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Should I "Make" my Child Practice.....

I am asked this question often. The answer generally is YES. You make your child eat their vegetables, you make them go to school, you make them clean their room, you make them do homework, you make them brush their teeth.

Very few children know what is GOOD for them. This is why GOD GAVE CHILDREN nurture them, love them, be their parent - not just their friend..... too many parents today are too worried that their child will not be their friend if they discipline them.

Children yearn for boundaries even though they may act like that do not want them....they do!

I think it is reasonable to do what my dad did forty years ago - a parent should have a VERBAL AGREEMENT with each child that they are going to take a minimum of one year of piano lessons. After that commitment is fulfilled, then a child should be rewarded and allowed to go on and perhaps play another music instrument.

During that first year a child will learn many things and not just about music .... they will learn the following LIFE SKILLS;

When Children Take Piano Lessons, they learn far more than Music...

Back in the 1890's through the 1950's, the PIANO, the VICTOR VICTROLA, the Phonograph Record and the RADIO were the Entertainment Centers of every home here in America. There were no TV's, no Nintendo's, Computer games, Weii machines, etc. Families turned to live music in the home to entertain themselves.

People actually learned how to play the piano and sing around the piano. It was a family affair. Young people took piano lessons as part of their Education and Personal Enrichment.

Here we are in 2009 - and we need as a nation to get back to the basics. When your kids grow up they will need to have skills that will last them the rest of their life. Consider the list that I have compiled below.
How's this for the 8 C's?

Confidence - your child will be able to play with ease and confidence and be envied by their peers

Concentration - controlled studies have proven that children who take Piano Lessons
are able to accelerate beyond their peers in Math and Science skills; the brained is sorted in a such a manner that skills require thought and organization come with greater ease.

Coordination - eye hand coordination is developed to extremely precise movements, superior to skill of a Heart or Brain Surgeon - Pianists can close their eyes and play memorized pieces - try doing surgery that way.

Consistency - daily practicing renders great results. Children learn that if you put great effort forward towards playing and improving, great results are bound to happen.

Charm - when children develop their skills in playing the Piano, they learn a great deal in grace and charm and develop a taste for the finer things that life offers.

Conceptualization - complex skills such as note reading, understanding complicated rhythms, coordinating the hands to handle playing

Courage - children learn NOT to quit when the going gets tough. Tenaciousness is learned from the start of the very first lesson. Anything worthwhile in life takes stick-to-it ness.

Commitment - children will not be anymore committed than their parents are. Piano lessons should be just as important as every subject at school. The parent as to set the stage for this attitude to be really implemented. Homework is given and needs to be completed. Making a verbal commitment of one year of lessons should be done between a child and the parent so the young person will the process of lessons seriously and be prepared weekly for their teacher.

Let the Music Begin!! Art Scott

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is It Time To Find a New Teacher?

I get calls every week from parents who are either looking to start their kids for the first time with lessons or they are contemplating switching teachers.

I am always amazed when I ask a parent who is considering a switch of teachers and I ask them, "How Long Have you Been with your teacher?"....and I get responses like, three years, or two years. I explore deeper then and ask, what are the issues your having?

Here are some common responses;

1) My child is not progressing.

2) The teacher yells and screams and my child.

3) My child is bored with the music the teacher is giving them.

4) The teacher is always cancelling lessons or not showing up.

5) The chemistry is just not good between my child and the teacher.

The bottom line here if things are not working right, talk to the teacher and see if issues can be corrected. If they cannot be resolved, by all means stop the lessons and try out some new teachers and keep trying till you find the right fit. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOUR CHILD HAVE A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE WHEN IT COMES TO PRIVATE LESSONS. If would be a tragedy for any child to quit music altogether just because of a bad experience with a teacher.

I always tell parents that I always want to do what is best for the child. Period. After 30 years of teaching, I am happy to share freely what I have learned.

Some children are best suited to study with men, others with women. The personality has to have a good mix or it is a waste of time and money.

Hope these ideas help you. Joy in your Music journey today.

Art Scott
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Monday, January 19, 2009

When should you start kids in Piano Lessons?

Readiness is a very individual issue. Some children are ready to start private lessons at 4 and 5 years old. I base it on attention span....if mom, dad or the grandparents can sit with a young child and read a book for 30 minutes - usually they can be taught well in a private piano lesson.

I does take parental involvement....a parent of grandparent must be willing to support and encourage a child and be hands on present for them during the first few weeks. Even just having a adult present makes a child feel safe and important; the validation that taking piano lessons is a good thing and that we hang in there and not just quit because it gets hard...we keep perservering and get the 'job' done.

Never be afraid to try out a lesson or two and by all means try out several teachers and find the right person to connect with your child. You will know when this happens if you know your child well.

Best wishes, Art Scott

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