Selecting the Right Teacher is Crucial

I often tell parents that selecting the right teacher is so important. Over thirty years of teaching private piano lessons I have learned the following things to be true;

-Every good parent wants to have their children learn from teachers who are good educators; dedicated people who know how to teach many different types of students.

-If the relationship is a positive one, it should last for years which will allow any good qualified teacher to transfer their knowledge effectively at an appropriate rate so students are challenged, encouraged, monitored and well supported towards an ongoing greater success at the piano.

-Proper LEARNING should NEVER be a guessing game; a good teacher should be able to convey their subject area so clearly that a student will know exactly what is required in each lesson.

-Good parents will always set the stage to RESPECT TEACHERS and their children should be taught to be compliant to a teacher's request.

-Always ask a prospective teacher to play for you and your children; this establishes credibility and trust from the very first lesson.

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