When should you start kids in Piano Lessons?

Readiness is a very individual issue. Some children are ready to start private lessons at 4 and 5 years old. I base it on attention span....if mom, dad or the grandparents can sit with a young child and read a book for 30 minutes - usually they can be taught well in a private piano lesson.

I does take parental involvement....a parent of grandparent must be willing to support and encourage a child and be hands on present for them during the first few weeks. Even just having a adult present makes a child feel safe and important; the validation that taking piano lessons is a good thing and that we hang in there and not just quit because it gets hard...we keep perservering and get the 'job' done.

Never be afraid to try out a lesson or two and by all means try out several teachers and find the right person to connect with your child. You will know when this happens if you know your child well.

Best wishes, Art Scott

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