Is It Time To Find a New Teacher?

I get calls every week from parents who are either looking to start their kids for the first time with lessons or they are contemplating switching teachers.

I am always amazed when I ask a parent who is considering a switch of teachers and I ask them, "How Long Have you Been with your teacher?"....and I get responses like, three years, or two years. I explore deeper then and ask, what are the issues your having?

Here are some common responses;

1) My child is not progressing.

2) The teacher yells and screams and my child.

3) My child is bored with the music the teacher is giving them.

4) The teacher is always cancelling lessons or not showing up.

5) The chemistry is just not good between my child and the teacher.

The bottom line here if things are not working right, talk to the teacher and see if issues can be corrected. If they cannot be resolved, by all means stop the lessons and try out some new teachers and keep trying till you find the right fit. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOUR CHILD HAVE A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE WHEN IT COMES TO PRIVATE LESSONS. If would be a tragedy for any child to quit music altogether just because of a bad experience with a teacher.

I always tell parents that I always want to do what is best for the child. Period. After 30 years of teaching, I am happy to share freely what I have learned.

Some children are best suited to study with men, others with women. The personality has to have a good mix or it is a waste of time and money.

Hope these ideas help you. Joy in your Music journey today.

Art Scott
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